Indigo's Hour | Orphan Barrel Whiskey

s day fades to dusk, the sun spreads its wings across the sky, painting an indigo color across the horizon for all to soak in. Here at Orphan Barrel, we are greeted with our own version of Indigo’s Hour: our inaugural Straight Bourbon Whiskey Aged 18 Years.

A true metamorphic spirit, the label pays homage to the endless fields and rich stories of Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee, where our liquid was carefully distilled, aged, and bottled. Just as Indiana’s native Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly undergoes metamorphosis, our bourbon-making process is treated with the same patience, craft and care before emerging from its barrels.

INDIGO'S HOUR Straight Bourbon Whiskey. 45% Alc/Vol. Orphan Barrel Whiskey Co., Tullahoma, TN.

18 years
Creamy vanilla, followed by toasted oak, baking spices, and red fruit greet the nose. The tasting experience is transformed with caramel, honey, rich vanilla, and spice, wrapped with a touch of oak and a velvety finish.
World Spirits Competition Gold Medal